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Angkor Thom Temple

Angkor Thom was the capital city of Khmer kingdom from mid 10th century to the 15th century. This ancient city covers an area of 3km by 3km (1, 9 mile) =145.8(360acres).

Protection Angkor Thom is protected by a fortified stone wall which is 8m (26f) tall and the moat surrounding which is 100m (328f) wide. To make a stronger protection, this moat used to be filled up with many crocodiles.

Five gates Angkor Thom has five gates. All five gates look the same because they have the same decoration. There is one gate on each side except the eastern wall which has two gates.

Buddisadva Avalokitesvara's four faces Each gate was designed as a tower which is 23m (75f) tall. Its upper structure was designed with four giant smilling faces of Buddisadva Avalokitesvara crowned with the sculpture of a blooming lotus flower. In Mahayana Buddhism, Buddisadva Avalokitesvara is one of ten reincarnations of Buddha who nearly attains enlightenment and whose function is to save people's lives.

Demon and God In the front of each gate, there is a row of 54 demon statues on the right and a line of 54 god statues on the left holding or pulling Naga body in an action of tug of war. This sculptures show a scene of a famous Hindu myth where gods and demons used a Naga to churn the sea of milk to take elixir of immortality.

Demon and God's face Each demon statue has scary face with big eyes, big nose, and their crowns also look completely different style from gods'. God statues wear high conical crowns with smiling faces.